The State Finance Institution for Innovations (SFII ) was established according to the Resolution No.654 dated 13 April 2000 taken by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and it is a legal successor of the State Innovative Fund and its territorial branches regarding their property rights and obligations, including agreements on innovative loans.

The State, represented by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, is the founder of SFII. The Institution is managed by the State Agency of investments and innovations. SFII has its offices in 8 regions of Ukraine.

Mission of organization

The basic concern of SFII is the financial support for market participants of different patterns of ownership under the state innovation policy. The SFII is abided by the current legislation of Ukraine, including the law of Ukraine about “Investment activities.”

We are strengthening the economy of Ukraine by attracting foreign and domestic credit and investment resources and direct them to financing of innovative and investment projects in strategic industries of economy.