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Combating cybercrime is the main theme of Global Cyber Security Summit

   Petya A, Wanna Cry, CopyCat and others – how many else will be? With the growing the importance of IT for the daily living, the number of hacker attacks is increasing. In fact, we can say that 2017 was the beginning of the global cyber epidemic, the consequences of which can be extremely impendent.

   The State Finance Institution for Innovations was the co-organizer of Global Cyber Security Summit 2017 and it set the goal not only to inform and point out the future threats but also prevent them.

   From the statement made by Antony Blinken, the former Deputy Secretary of United States and Advisor to President – “It is (hacker intervention) – the attack on our values and way of life, the foundations of democratic society. Only one news – the hackers’ disinformation that President Obama was hurt as the result of the blow to the White House the stock market failed at $136 billion. Now the main task is to find the effective methods and the confrontation tools for the similar cyberthreats.”

   However, Ukraine is one of those States where IT potential is high. The evidence of this is a large number of specialists and the high-quality software products that are produced and conventionally exported to all countries of the world.

   Investment in IT sphere, including cybersecurity projects, is one of the most promising and the most profitable directions of business today, says the chairman of the board Volodymyr Stavniuk – We invite developers and companies that promote the idea of safe virtual space to cooperate. We, in the State Finance Institution for Innovations, will be able not only to provide the administrative support for your idea but also find the necessary investment. All that you need – fill the project CV and send it to email project@difku.gov.ua.


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