The Chinese CNBM is ready to invest $2 billion in the energy sector of Ukraine.

     cnbm-siteOn 19 September 2016, the Minister of Energy and coal Mining of Ukraine Igor Nasalyk and the chairman of the Chinese CNBM International Cooperation Jingsong Zhang have signed the memorandum of cooperation in the energy sector.

   According to the Minister the parties’ efforts will be used for expansion of the Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation to implement the collaborative projects in the energy sector, coal industry, as well as the modernization of energy infrastructure.

The memorandum is also due to the regular consultations that would allow them to exchange information and the experience of forward-looking legislation in the energy sector of both countries.

The exchange of information on opportunities to participate in the prospective projects in the territory of Ukraine and PRC and the development of scientific and technological capacity in the framework of investment projects is also the part of the agreement of the parties.

On the Ukrainian market CNBM International Corporation is considered to be one of the largest public corporation in China, it assists about 5 years. The main specialization of the corporation is the sphere of renewable energy use.

Based on Investment portal  InVenture