Where Ukrainians will meet a new industrial revolution

The first industrial revolution had brought humanity factories, machines and increasing use of steam-engine, the second gave the conveyor, radio and electricity.

РукиThe second revolution had finished more than a hundred years ago, more than one billion people in the world don’t have the access to electricity, 400 million don’t have the access to the one of the main branches of the basic health services, and the lack of water affects more than 40% of the world population.

However, the next revolution can change this forever, it can become truly global.

Some people consider that a new revolution started long ago. Some connect it with the beginning of the Internet penetration into everyday life in the middle of the 1990s’, others move aside this moment further into the past, before the personal computer was invented.

As a matter of fact there wasn’t any industrial fracture in the first and in the second cases; it was the important steps on the way to the future changes. The computer and the worldwide network have changed the attitude of mankind to the information.

However the technology, which will become the real beginning of tectonic shift, has to be invented or brought up to the level, when it can be adapted to the new market.

The historic science tells us about two industrial revolutions, which are based on the technological, socio-economic and cultural background.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannic, the technological changes has included the use of new materials, new energy sources, the invention of new cars, a new organization of work, the increasing of specialization of labour, the changes in transport and communication, and increasingly application of science in industry.

These changes enabled extremely widespread use of natural resources and mass production of industrial goods.

The revitalization 2.0

It doesn’t matter if the next revolution will become the third or fourth, it will be faster than the last one. The next industrial revolution will play out like a tsunami: a new energy sources, new system of financing, production and delivery.

Gradually, the market will focus more on the individual wishes of the consumer, which should be the beginning of a new industrialization of planet.

The main drivers of new reforms shall become the mobile networks, an Internet of things, nanotechnology, neurobiology, 3D-printing, new materials, the growth of computing power of computers and unprecedented interaction between all these areas.

The combination of these technologies will create such a strong force, that any business lobbyists cannot stop, which delay the implementation of innovation or neither Governments, who are fearful to lose control of another public life.

According to the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, the professor Klaus Schwab, the deployment of a new industrial revolution can lead to a global cultural renewal and the development of a more harmonious society. “However, it will not be easy,” – Schwab warns.

In his opinion, to achieve these goals, today’s leaders should go beyond the pro-western viewpoint , not looking only at the fact, what society needs in the West, but also what people need in the other parts of the world.

Real-time changes.

The next industrial revolution, in which the mobile communication, the social media and internet of things shall develop the boundaries between people and society, it will become a new stage in the development of the mankind.

The accumulation of date about who we are, who do we know, where we are, where we’ve been and where we plan to go will erase the boundaries between people.

This information and its analysis allow us to understand and predict how people behave themselves at the individual, group and global levels. It’s beyond recognition will change the economy, society and personal life of the future generations.

The unprecedented accumulation of date will give new, post-industrial opportunities – the global reach and the information processing in a mode of real time.

The companies collect and use this information for its monetization.  In turn, the governments use the date for more effective ensure of the most important public services. The researchers use them to accelerate the development of a new technologies or medication.  It is only beginning.

Every day, billions of sensors that are present everywhere from the warehouses and road networks to the factory production lines and networks of transmission, offices, houses, shops and vehicles, – constantly monitor the status of process, transmitting data to the serves of the large corporations and small companies.

According to the expert estimates, by 2030 their number can reach trillions. The new economic paradigm is born already to change fundamentally the way, in which people organize the economic life on the planet.

The European Union has already embarked on the new bold course for the creation of high-tech digital economy of the 21st century, which could potentially make Europe the most productive region of the world. This plan is called the Digital Europe. Moreover, other countries look closely to this new approach.

Ukraine on the map.

Despite the difficult times, the IT sector in Ukraine is the main precondition for a new industrial fracture, continues to grow steadily. More than a hundred major global high-tech companies are represented in Ukraine; about 1000 thousand Ukrainian companies serve customers around the world.

In 2015 Ukraine earned at least 2,5 billion dollars on the export of IT services. Nowadays, the IT industry ranks the third position in the proceeds after the metallurgy and agriculture and it is about 3% of GDP. In 2020, this index can reach 15%. The same year the number of programmers in Ukraine can increase to 200 thousand people.

In the opinion of outsourcing expert Philip Hatch, the author of the study Assessment Ukraine 2016, if the reform in Ukraine will be successful, the country will be able to export the IT products and services for 275 billion dollars per year. As he said, such scenario is “aggressive” but it is possible.

He thinks that it will lead the Ukraine in the world technological leaders close to the UK, Korea and Japan. The achievement of this index completely transforms the Ukrainian economy and its GDP can exude 700 billion dollars. Ukraine can take the third position in Europe and the fifth place in the world among the largest technological experts.

Quite successfully are beginning to develop the projects in Ukraine, and the e-government projects, procurement and system based on Blockchain.

The GSLI ranking evaluates the financial appeal, the human capital and business environment in 55 countries, Ukraine occupies the 24th position between Germany and Great Britain, which is in the  17th position, it is better than the previous results.

New industrial evolution

One of the most important moments of a new round of evolution of economic paradigm will change the attitude to personalities. The society will have to make a compromise consciously by donating some aspects of privacy for benefiting from collection of data.

Because the figures are increasingly becoming the significant source of innovation and profit, the borders of business would be reviewed also. The transition for more flexible production will allow companies to work closer to the clients, and also will allow reducing the product value and increasing the number of consumers.

The new stage of social development will provide a new communications technology, and more effective management of economic activity, a new energy sources and new types of transport for more efficient movement of economic activity.

Among the necessary needs – the improvement in the agricultural sector, more equitable distribution of the world’s wealth, the political and social changes and the ability to use a new resources.

You can already feel the first tremors changes that are approaching and “sweeping aside” the old borders and habits. Although the psychological breaking is more important than technological, without technology such changes are impossible. Curiously enough, Ukraine has everything in order, if not to lead these changes; at least appear at the forefront of new approaches.

The main issue if Ukrainians have enough desire and impudence to look forward to, where no foot may tread.

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