Ukraine has demonstrated the unique innovative potential of China International Import Expo 2018

We continue to cover the participation of the Chairman of the Board VV Stavynyuk. at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai, to which the Ukrainian delegation arrived under the chairmanship of Stepan Kubiv, First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine’s Minister for Economic Development and Trade.

An event, the value of which is difficult to assess in the context of world trade, will continue until November 10th. More than 2,800 companies (including the world’s 500 most powerful and more than 200 leading industry companies) and 150,000 buyers coming from different parts of the world will gather in the Chinese metropolis to participate in an unprecedentedly large trade event. The importance of the exhibition has already been appreciated by China President Xi Jinping, who noted that China’s international import EXPO is the world’s first national exhibition focused on imports, which is why EXPO is a “big step in the history of international trade development.”

It should be noted that Ukraine for the first time represents its National stand, trade, investment and tourism potential for events of such global significance. At the opening of our booth, First Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv congratulated the PRC’s real steps on diversification of markets and openness. In this he sees great potential for deepening economic cooperation between our countries. Especially, given that Ukraine is part of the initiative to build the “Greater Silk Road” economic belt and the transit hub between Europe and Asia.

SFII participation in this exhibition takes place as an exclusive active guide between Chinese business and domestic projects. We are convinced that thanks to EXPO Ukraine will receive not only an increase in trade turnover, but also implementation of compatible strategic projects, including innovative ones. After all, China has all the conditions and capabilities to provide a multilateral, open trade and economic platform to promote the development of global trade and joint technology development. The chairman of the Board of Directors, carrying out dozens of meetings with potential investors, noted the sincere interest of representatives of international business to the Ukrainian economy, in particular, to investment objects in which the State, in the person of the Office, may take part as a co-investor.
Together with this SFII leadership, attention was paid to the scientific and technological development of our countries, including digitalisation, which could contribute to industrial development, influence people’s lives, and provide an effective support for the sustainable development of the Ukrainian economy.

Chairman of the board of the SFII met with the management of ZTE

Building a digital country together – SFII executives and world-renowned ZTE Corporation, the world leader in telecommunications and information technology, have agreed on this. It should be noted that ZTE focuses on technological innovation as the core value of a company, investing more than 10% of annual R & D income. The company has already established certified R & D centers in the US, Canada, Sweden, and continues to work with more than 30,000 professionals. The Celestial Corporation is currently developing 5G, Internet, NFV, SDN, Cloud Computing, and more.

Thanks to this meeting, Ukraine will be able to obtain new standards for digital development, as well as implement new innovative Ukrainian-Chinese projects in the field of IOT and telecommunications.

Launched SFII participate in China International Import Expo

Forward and only forward, Ukraine became one step closer to the economic and innovative jump by presenting its stand at the CIIE 2018 – an event we were preparing for more than six months!
Chairman of the Board VV Stavniuk , as part of the official delegation of Ukraine to China led by the First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Stepan Kubivim, took part in the China International Import Expo. This exhibition is an extremely important event in the world of global trade and technology transfer, which involves more than 130 countries and regions, more than 80 countries, including Ukraine.
Within the framework of the national stand, we will communicate with investors and representatives of big business from around the world, presenting them with a unique innovative and investment potential through an interactive map that has been developed within the framework of the Institution. We hope that the presentation of export potential, constructive communication, the conditions provided by the Investor to the investors seeking cooperation will be decisive factors in favor of Ukraine as a business partner.

Meeting with the leadership of the China Federation of Industrial Economics

Productive, inspirational and constructive – this was the start of the working visit of Volodymyr Stavniuk, Chairman of the Board to Shanghai, as part of the national standings at the China International Import Expo 2018.
Meeting with the leadership of the China Federation of Industrial Economics, one of the largest players in the Chinese industry, with more than 178 national members of industrial associations and its own working network and with 25 local federations of the industrial economy; – Excellent indicator of interest of Chinese business and investors in domestic innovation projects.
Presenting the possibilities of SFII, the Head of the Institution assured the representatives of the Federation, that Ukraine for today is the best choice not only as an object for investment, but also for the construction of industrial facilities and industrial parks. At the same time, common points of interest were identified during the meeting, and the following steps were taken for the implementation of joint projects. So. step by step, we continue the process of attracting foreign investment, transfer and exchange of innovative technologies, as well as the development of domestic innovative developments!

Chairman of the Board Volodymyr Stavniuk participated in the XVIII International Economic Forum

“Lviv region is the leader of investment attraction, for the period 2017-2018, 140 working enterprises have been opened. Lviv region is an epicenter of concentration of talents, new success stories, where the strength and faith for future generations are preserved!” – said the First Vice Prime Minister Ukraine’s Minister of Economic Development and Trade Stepan Kubiv.
The Chairman of the Board also participated in the panel discussion “Monetary Policy – Financial Base of Industrialization” within the framework of the Forum, during which he shared his vision of the prospects for the development of domestic, in particular, innovative, economics.
During the forum, discussed the initiatives, realities and prospects of economic development of our state. At the same time, we are convinced that the unique strategy of co-investing and consortium lending to SFII can become an important element of accelerating investment attraction processes in the Lviv region. Two days ahead of the competent discussion of the important advantages and the existing problems connected with the competitiveness of the region, strategic development and economic growth!

Tooked part in the First Forum of Industrial Parks of Ukraine 

October 24, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry held the “First Forum of Industrial Parks of Ukraine”.

Thank to the organizers of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine / Ukrainian CCI for the invitation and opportunity to take part in a powerful forum. The purpose of this event is to comprehensively consider issues related to the creation and operation of industrial parks in Ukraine and the development of conceptual and practical recommendations for ensuring their positive impact on the sustainable development of regions. Yana Pidlisna, Head of Intellectual Property and Invention Support D spoke as a speaker and spoke about the tools of state support for industrial parks. He also noted that Ukraine – begins with each of us, the changes begin with action, so you should not waste time. Our doors are always open to all those who like! Contact us

Continued SEF 2018 Kyiv

The 10th International Forum # SEF2018 continues. Today, an exhibition, which houses the entire industry of new energy technologies under one roof, has begun. The SEF 2018 Kyiv platform helps to direct thinking and communication on the active development of green energy in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. We are convinced that soon, thanks to the efforts of the institution, “green” energy will quickly become even more popular in Ukraine!

Рarticipation in SEF 2018 Kyiv

Ukrainians will receive new financing tools for energy efficiency projects – more and more this was addressed in the statement by the authorized representative of the Office Yana Pidlisna at SEF 2018 Kyiv – the 10th International Forum and Exhibition of the Constant Energy of Eastern and Central Europe. Thanks to the mechanisms of co-investing and consortium lending, projects designed to increase energy efficiency and energy efficiency indicators will have a chance to implement in the near future. In fact, this means that the use of SFII tools by representatives of condominiums and municipal objects can make Ukraine energy-efficient and energy-independent.
* The 10th Central Energy and Energy Forum of Central and Eastern Europe is the main business event and platform for doing business with developed markets in Europe. It will be held in Kyiv, and this is the largest event dedicated to renewable energy, energy efficiency and new energy technologies in Ukraine and throughout the region. This is the only industrial event in Ukraine that is part of the plans of marketing and business development of the leading international players in the market of sustainable energy.

The inventors are one step closer to getting the investment

Today, at the initiative of the SFII, a Roundtable was held on “How to get money from the State, or what is needed to develop an environment suitable for launching startups.” Within the framework of this event, the project “Fund for Stimulation of Inventions, Utility Models and Industrial Designs” was discussed. Chairman of the Board Stavniyk V. spoke about the competitive principles that the Institution provides for the implementation of startup projects that are on seed or preseed stages. “To attract investments for their project, it is necessary only to work according to transparent rules and to meet reasonable requirements “, – noted Stavniyk V.
At the end of the Round Table, a Memorandum was signed, in which the approval of the necessary actions for further cooperation between SFII and HUB 4.0
We thank all the speakers for interesting and useful reports, as well as a special gratitude to the organizer of the event for the innovative space of HUB 4.0 and the co-organizer of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Representatives of the Office participated in a seminar organized by KPMG and Silk Link

Representatives of SFII took part in a seminar on “Effective forms of implementation of agreements with Ukrainian state companies”, which was organized by KPMG Ukraine together with the Ukrainian Silk Link Silk Association Association.
The seminar discussed the main tax and legal issues faced by Chinese companies when implementing agreements with Ukrainian state-owned companies.
Representatives of KPMG said that there are many instances and structures in Ukraine that can help Chinese companies. China Trade Association, Trade Advisor to the People’s Republic of China in Ukraine, Ukrainian House in Beijing, and the company KPMG itself. We want to point out that SFII can also provide qualified Chinese help to any of the Chinese investors so they can start their business in Ukraine. For more information, please contact us at our