The State Finance Institution for Innovations continues to form the “Bank of Projects”

Our bank of projects includes the projects of different directions, scopes, and awareness level. IT, alternative energy, innovative technologies, and services are unique and unusual. But one factor unites them – they all have the opportunity to get financing from the leading investment funds around the world.

Would you like to join our development team? Welcome! What does it take?

⌨️ To fill in the Project Summary.

🖨️ To complete the table for the formation of the bank projects

 The presentation of the business project which doesn’t exceed 10 pages in Ukrainian and English languages.

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Combating cybercrime is the main theme of Global Cyber Security Summit

   Petya A, Wanna Cry, CopyCat and others – how many else will be? With the growing the importance of IT for the daily living, the number of hacker attacks is increasing. In fact, we can say that 2017 was the beginning of the global cyber epidemic, the consequences of which can be extremely impendent.

   The State Finance Institution for Innovations was the co-organizer of Global Cyber Security Summit 2017 and it set the goal not only to inform and point out the future threats but also prevent them.

   From the statement made by Antony Blinken, the former Deputy Secretary of United States and Advisor to President – “It is (hacker intervention) – the attack on our values and way of life, the foundations of democratic society. Only one news – the hackers’ disinformation that President Obama was hurt as the result of the blow to the White House the stock market failed at $136 billion. Now the main task is to find the effective methods and the confrontation tools for the similar cyberthreats.”

   However, Ukraine is one of those States where IT potential is high. The evidence of this is a large number of specialists and the high-quality software products that are produced and conventionally exported to all countries of the world.

   Investment in IT sphere, including cybersecurity projects, is one of the most promising and the most profitable directions of business today, says the chairman of the board Volodymyr Stavniuk – We invite developers and companies that promote the idea of safe virtual space to cooperate. We, in the State Finance Institution for Innovations, will be able not only to provide the administrative support for your idea but also find the necessary investment. All that you need – fill the project CV and send it to email


The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed with the Ukrainian Association of Woodworking Equipment

   The woodworking industry, despite the conventionalism, is extraordinarily innovative and spacious. Especially when it comes to woodworking equipment.

   We have just signed the Memorandum of Cooperation with the leadership of the Ukrainian Association of Woodworking Equipment. This document would make it possible not only to start the implementation of joint projects but also would provide an opportunity to stimulate the woodworking industry to a qualitatively new level. The president of Association Ihor Melnyk stated: “We hope for the fruitful cooperation, the first project of which will be the creation of the educational platform of thematic dual education.”

   “The woodworking industry is the important area for our State, that why the assistance and help for its development on the part of our Institution will be most effective” – assured Volodymyr Stavniuk, the chairman of the board of the State Finance Institution for Innovations.


The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed with NDI Foundation


The State Finance Institution for Innovations and NDI Foundation will jointly develop the innovative projects.

   The chairman of the board, Volodymyr Stavniuk and the President of the Foundation, Olga Krupskaya took part in the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation.

   In the framework of this cooperation, the creation of infrastructure for the development of technological enterprises and innovative projects that will be transferred from the NDI Foundation – will receive the opportunity of investment funding from the leading funds of the world level. Together with this, the state’s participation in the implementation of such projects will be ensured by the unique co-investment mechanism stipulated in the Charter of SFII.  This formula has already demonstrated its effectiveness in the collaboration with many other organizations whose activity centers around the innovative developments.

   Volodymyr Stavniuk stated: “Joining together around the common vision of what Ukraine should be in technological and innovative sense – we are convinced that this cooperation will be progressive and profitable for our science and business.”

Digital Ukraine Forum was held in Kyiv

   Digital Ukraine Forum has become the traditional continuation of the process of the global digitalization of Ukraine. Step by step, day by day we are getting closer to the development of the digital infrastructure, the functioning of which will make the human and innovation potential the main export product. The implementation of 4th and 5Th generation is not even the question of technical level it’s the image of the country. The existing principles of cybersecurity should become the foundation for the development of digital Ukraine because the information and investments require the reliable security mechanisms. The legislative base on digitalization, including the documents “On digital agenda of Ukraine” will become not only the basis for regulation but also the main vision of how the modern and digital Ukraine should be.

   Also discussed the innovations – the development of artificial intelligence, VR technologies and “complementary” reality, software that creates the new possibilities in business and at home – these areas are traditionally popular for the foreign investors. As the question of reliability and transparency of investment in the Ukrainian IT projects as said the chairman of the board Volodymyr Stavniuk, giving the interview to journalists.

   The promotion of the support development of the high-tech industries was announced. “Based on the best international experience, the Ministry of Economic Development developed the strategy of the development of high-tech industries by 2025, which will create the conditions to stimulate the development of high-tech industries, the widespread introduction of innovations in all spheres and the transition to the innovative economy. A number of project offices under the Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine and Ministries are working on the coordination of investment and innovative policy,” said the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Stepan Kubiv.

Photo gallery of the event:

(UA) В Берліні відбувся German-Ukrainian Energy Symposium

Ukraine can become one of the largest suppliers of renewable energy sources in Europe. These and other prospects were discussed at the German-Ukrainian Symposium, which was attended by the representatives of the State Finance Institution for Innovations, Andriy Dubas.

   The benefits of “green tariff” is slowly filling the quota for the proportion of alternative energy from existing 1,6% up to 11%, provided by the National Action Plan for renewable energy for the period until 2020, the great location and high photovoltaic indicators can make Ukraine one of the largest producers of alternative energy in Europe. For investors, the use of the unique possibilities of the institution, the principles of co-investment and one of the largest banks of projects with the projects regarding the renewable sources of energy can become the catalyst for increasing the number of wind farms and solar power plants in Ukraine. The investors from the number of European countries – Germany, Spain and Poland appreciated the potential of Ukraine and expressed their readiness to engage in constructive dialogue on investment in the domestic renewable energy projects.


Congratulations on Constitution Day of Ukraine

   Today we mark the 21 anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Ukraine – the main document that defines the basic rights and human freedom, the most important social relationships, the structure of the state and democratic principles of its development.

   We congratulate all on Constitution Day of Ukraine. We wish you harmony, peace and prosperity.

Glory to Ukraine!

The Ukrainian delegation studied the experience of the implementation of Smart Grid Technology in Seoul

   According to the results of the visit of the Ukrainian delegation to Seoul which was headed by the chairman of the board of the State Finance Institution for Innovations Volodymyr Stavniuk, Ukraine will get the concept of Smart Grid and action plan of the National Energy Strategy of Ukraine till 2035(after adoption by Government).

   After the series of meetings with the leading companies in Korea such as KEPCO E&C, KOEN and LSIS – was received the information which will help to implement Smart Grid in Ukraine. It should be reminded that the development of “smart” networks can lead to the qualitative changes in the energy system – ranging from time reduction of electricity supply and ending with reduction level of uncontrolled spending.

   We are convinced that the implementation of Smart Grid Technology for Ukraine will become the logical step towards the development and prosperity and the events that preceded these reforms will become the part of the history of our State.

Congratulation to the Director of the Western Office of the State Finance Institution for Innovations with 24 years of work experience in the institution

Dear Oleksandr,

On behalf of the staff, we would like to congratulate you on 24 years of work experience in the State Finance Institution for Innovations.

Today, in times of economic changes and innovative transformations your work takes on the exceptional importance. The development of investment sphere in hard-working Rivne region is the deal, the importance of which is difficult to overestimate for our future generations. Under your direct supervision, the number of important cases was carried out and also were implemented many strategic projects through which the economy of Ukraine received the additional impetus.

I’m confident that your dedication to your chosen business, the exceptional sense of duty, kindness and professionalism will ensure the joint success of all staff of the State Finance Institution for Innovations.

Thank you for your fruitful and dedicated work and wish you good health, creative inspiration, professional achievements, family harmony and wealth.

Sincerely Yours,

The chairman of the board Volodymyr Stavniuk and the staff of the State Finance Institution for Innovations.