The chairman of the board Volodymyr Stavniuk opened Invest Energy Day with the welcome remarks

    Invest Energy Day was a continuation of the large-scale project Alternative Energy Week – Alternative Energy Week designed to promote the development of renewable energy in Ukraine. Despite the fact that chairman of the board is visiting Seoul the right to read the welcome word was given to Pidlisna Yana, the head receptionist of the Institution.

   “We congratulate all participants of Invest Energy Day – the event which is strategic for Ukraine’s energy sector. The development of energy efficiency, the diversification of energy resources and the use of renewable energy are the key to Ukraine’s energy independence. This event is the unique opportunity to highlight the main prospects for the future cooperation between the participants, and also take advantage of this service, offered by the State Finance Institution for Innovations, namely the search for foreign investment, support and maintenance of renewable energy projects” –noted the chairman of the board in his greeting.


The chairman of the board Volodymyr Stavniuk took the part in the Smart Grid Presentation of the Korean Companies

   In the framework of working visit to Seoul, the chairman of the board of the State Finance Institution for Innovations Volodymyr Stavniuk participated in the Korean-Ukrainian meeting, the purpose of which was the demonstration of methods and experience in the implementation of smart technologies. It should be noted that Korea is one of the leaders in the implementation of “smart” grid among the developed countries of the world. For Ukraine to gain the similar experience and technologies can lead not only to improve the accounting of electrical power generation but will contribute to the general development of the economic sector.

   On the presentation were presented the information materials and technologies, the use of which can significantly increase the potential of Smart Grid in the Ukrainian realities and, accordingly, reduce the risks and disadvantages of this system. There were presentations of the leading Korean companies which are specializing in the development of the above-mentioned technologies.

   During the meeting which was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining, PJSC “Volynoblenergo,” PJSC “Khmelnytskoblenergo,” “Kharkivoblenergo” discussed the strategy of development and modernization of power supply in Ukraine. The introduction of Smart Grid technology which can be implemented with the direct participation of the State Finance Institution for Innovations also will help Ukraine to expand the energy production based on the renewable resources and reduce the total power consumption.  The smart network that helps to reduce the power consumption and increase the capacity of power plants, including the renewable energy source is the extremely effective tool to reduce energy dependence of Ukraine.


The First Global Cybersecurity Summit 2017 has started today

   Global Cybersecurity Summit 2017 has started today, it is the unique event and outstanding for the informational world of Ukraine for all years of its independence. The names of top speakers demonstrate the high level of the summit – Dmytro Shymkiv (the deputy head of the Presidential Administration), Tony Blinken (the First Deputy Secretary of United States from 2014), Mikhail Titarchuk – the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Eliaf Bilocerkovskiy (Extraordinary and Authorized Ambassador of Israel in Ukraine). Volodymyr Stavniuk, the chairman of the board of the State Finance Institution for Innovations was among the main speakers.

   Our Institution is the co-organizer of the Global Cybersecurity Summit 2017. This event is unique in its content, the purpose of which is to share the latest developments in the field of cybersecurity, discuss the potential and real threats and find the best solution for their countermeasures in the context of permanent information struggle of Ukraine against the Russian interference – this event could be the first real step towards the informational independence of the State.

   In his speech, the chairman of the board stressed the importance of the active cooperation between Ukraine, United States and European countries in the field of active creation and implementation of cybersecurity systems and also assured that the state through the State Finance Institution for Innovations is ready to foster innovation that will not only reduce the risks of cyber-attacks and prevent outside interference in the informational processes but also will help to act proactively, outstripping the intentions of cybercriminals. The chairman of the board stated: “We have to pool interests, combining the existing solutions of the world specialists and the best innovative ideas of Ukrainian developers – only in that way we can get the synergistic boost, the impact of which will gradually create the new transparent information space and the new information order.” We didn’t side-step the issue of support of domestic developments: “The State Finance Institution for Innovations is ready to support the domestic developers, whose products will contribute to the growth of level of cybersecurity in Ukraine and the world at large. Having the unique opportunities of co-investment and syndicated loan we are ready to become reliable partners to find investment.”

   The chairman of the board summarized: “In general, cybersecurity is one of the senior mortgages for the development of digital innovations and the growth of  general investment attractiveness of Ukraine.”

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The delegation from Beijing arrived in Ukraine at the invitation of the chairman of the board Volodymyr Stavniuk

On the ground in Ukraine – get to work.

The delegation from Beijing arrived yesterday in Ukraine at the invitation of the chairman of the board of the State Finance Institution for Innovations Volodymyr Stavniuk, which included managers and specialists of leading investment and consulting companies of China – CNTIС, GBI, WISON, HUAFU and CTESI.  The purpose of the visit is the detailed discussion of investment opportunities in the Ukrainian strategic projects and the meeting with project developers. We will focus on the development of new energy facilities of Ukraine, the construction of waste recycling plants, renewal of electric transmission lines and other developments.

This event was preceded by working meeting and signing of Memorandum on Cooperation with the representatives of GBI also Volodymyr Stavniuk made the working visit to China where they considered the promising projects and choose the most attractive of them.

The warm welcome with Antony Blinken, the Fist United States Deputy Secretary of State at the airport “Borispol”

We’ve just met Antony Blinken – the First Deputy Secretary of United States and Assistant to President of the USA (2015-2017), in the past – Advisor on the National Security to Vice President Biden (2013-2015). Antony Blinken arrived at the unique Cyber Security Summit 2017 which will be held on June 14-15 in CEC “Parkovy.”

The organizers of the Summit – the head of the International Agency GloBee International Dmytro Shuval and the representative of the Institution Pidlisna Yana met the guest according to the Ukrainian traditions with bread and salt.

   It should be reminded, in association with the State Finance Institution for Innovations tomorrow will start one of the largest events in the field of cybersecurity and innovative information security. This event will gather together the leading top-speakers, including Antony Blinken, Matt Olsen (co-founder and president of IronNet Cybersecurity and pluralistically the director of the National Counterterrorism Center (2011-2014).), Ajit Gaddam  – (Chief Software Architect in the field of Cybersecurity), etc.


We invite you to the First Annual Global Cybersecurity Summit 2017

The World of Tomorrow. What will the world be? Whether it will be filled with electrocars and air taxi that will be operated by the autopilot? Whether the usual works will be done by computers?  Which professions will disappear and which will appear? How would the payments be made and how to do banking?

We’re quite certain that the world, where most of processes will be being worked out and monitored remotely – certainly require the highest cybersecurity measures. For this purpose, we gather together all stakeholders at the unique event with the leading international top-speakers heard ‘round the world.

Global Cybersecurity Summit 2017 will be held on June 14-15, on the territory CEC “Parkovy.” This event will open the new lines of digital protection. Come and see for yourself.

The visit of the Ukrainian delegation to the Polish Company’s dispatch center of Tauron Polska Energia

   To adopt the best practices of maintenance, development and management of the electric power grids has become the purpose of the working visit of the Ukrainian delegation to the Polish Company’s dispatch center of Tauron Polska Energia (Gliwice, Poland).

 On the delegation of representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining of Ukraine, PJSC “Volynoblenergo”, PJSC “Khmelnytskoblenergo,” Public Utility Company “Vinnytsiateploenergo,”NKREKP, “Kharkivoblenergo” also participated the representative of the State Finance Institution for Innovations, the head of section of providing board work Pidlisna Yana.

   The level of experience of the largest electricity distributor in Poland in the field of optimization and management of power supply is essential for the modern systems of Ukraine. As far as we can ascertain, making acquainted with these basic methods and technologies that demonstrated the chairman of Tauron Distributor – Robert Zasina. The talk was not only about the newest methods of energy management but also about the latest trends that have gained ground in recent years in this area. Also, the effective and implemented solutions were shown by Tauron Distributor.

   The meeting with the leadership of Tauron Polska Energia is not the first for the representatives of the State Finance Institution for Innovations. It should be reminded that on February 13, the chairman of the board Volodymyr Stavniuk met with the representatives of the energy research sector of Poland – the representatives of Ministerstwo Rozwoju, Tauron Polska Energy Company, and other officials. The participation was held in the framework of the project development “Smart & Secured Ukrainian Energy.”

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