If you wish your idea or existing business received support and funding from the best world banks and funds, you need:

  • Fill in the project summary. The document – a brief description, which includes such items as the essence of ideas, contracts, etc;
  • Complete the table for the formation of the bank projects – requires information on the amount of investment, period of repayment – only 9 provisions;
  • The presentation of the business project which does not exceed 10 pages in Ukrainian and English languages. Usually, this presentation is universal and which is used in most situations.

Project Summary Template for submitting projects to the institution.

Table for the formation of the Bank’s projects.

Online portal submission of projects

   All three documents (completed table, Summary and Presentation) – a complete package that is necessary to prepare a developer in Ukrainian and English languages and send to e-mail project@difku.gov.ua (the total size of attachments should not exceed 7MB.) tel. +38 044 354-04-74