The Czech Republic created an electric car known as 4ekolka, the uniqueness of which is not even that it is completely electric and looks unusual – no one seems to be much impressed by this. The uniqueness of the concept car is that completely printed on 3D-printer.


   According to the creator of 4ekolka, the project is focused on the optimization of existing urban transport solutions. “For the city we need something small, low-cost, safe, and available all year round, maximum occupancy is two persons, a top speed of 55miles per hour,” – says the founder of the project. His proposed solution is printed on 3D-printer 4ekolka.

   It may be assumed that additive technologies as a tool for creating electric car were selected in connection with the decision to develop a car with maximum emphasis on weight reduction and consumption. As a result the cost of prototype was about $ 12,000 the half of this sum was spent on the batteries and a system of management – writes Electrek. In addition, while it remains unclear how much time it takes to create the concept car (3D-printing takes a long time) and what materials were used.

   At the moment, the concept car 4ekolka is undergoing testing on public roads in Prague. In fact, it is a perfect solution for the city: the car can accommodate two persons and it is able to accelerate to 55 miles per hour, which is quite enough for city driving. The main question is how much will cost the electric car if the project proves successful, and will come on the consumer market.